Export PDF

Export PDF

With Smart CSV, you can export to a PDF file up to 500k+ rows. It’s a huge file. Isn’t it?
1. Choose the rows you want to export
  • Choose non-adjacent rows: setting Select mode in Multiple before choosing rows
  • Choose rows with filter conditions: see Filter
  • Choose all rows: you can export all rows directly after you open the file
  1. Select Export PDF icon (on the upper bar)
    1. notion image
  1. Export PDF pop-up appears
      • Edit the below features to suit your tasks:
        • Title: add the name for the file. This title will be displayed as a header of the exported file.
          Style: custom color for the file. 9 default styles & 3 editable styles (including edit text color) make your file more engaging.
          Columns: Uncheck columns that you don’t need to export.
      • Choose Download icon (on the upper right corner) to get the file.
      notion image
  1. Exported files will be saved in Export on the main screen
It takes time to create a huge file. Keep patience until the file gets done.
The file name is created before pressing the Download icon and cannot change later. If you forget, you have to generate the file again.