Filters helps you to extract a subset of data based on the criteria you provide.
You can filter in 2 ways: Visual Editor & SQL Query.
You can use 9 conditions in Visual Editor or type in your request using plain language in SQL Query.
  1. Touch to open Filters (icon on the lower bar)
    1. notion image
  1. Filters pop-up appears
    1. 2.1 Filter by Visual Editor
      2.1.1 You can set up Filter by the way below:
      (1) Select the column header (eg: A Year)
      (2) Select the condition from 9 conditions available (eg: is equal to)
      (3) Enter the value to compare with the condition (eg: 2016)
      (4) Choose βœ”οΈ in the upper right corner to start filtering
      notion image
      Other buttons:
      • AND: Group type. There are two types: AND & OR
      • Add Group: add nested group
      • Add Filter: add the next columns to filter
      • Clear: reset Filter. To clear a condition, touch the x button
      • History: record all the filter conditions that you worked with. You can also delete each record by pressing and holding.
      2.1.2 Result screen appears
      notion image
      2.1.3 Choose Reset icon (on the upper bar) to reset the table to their defaults
2.2 Filter by SQL Query
On Filters screen, choose SQL Query (the next of Visual Editor) and type your text to get your target data. (eg: the below query is to view 10 rows from the second row).
notion image
Result screen appears
notion image
*** Notes:
β€” Choose Reset icon (on the upper bar) to reset the table to their defaults
β€” You can also see all the queries that you typed in History