Generate chart

Generate chart

You may surprise when you know that your tiny phone can make a chart from one thousand rows. Let Smart CSV show you!
1. Choose the rows you want to generate a chart
  • Choose non-adjacent rows: setting Select mode in Multiple before choosing rows
  • Choose rows with filter conditions: see Filter
  • Choose all rows (of a file under 1000 rows): you can generate from all rows directly after you open the file
  1. Select Generate chart icon (on the upper bar)
    1. notion image
  1. Generate chart pop-up appears
      • Edit the below features to meet your tasks.
        • Title: add the name for the chart.
          Type: Choose the best one from 13 chart types.
          Labels: used to display data source.
          Series: plotted in the chart to show related data points or markers.
      • Choose Download icon (on the upper right corner) to get the file.
notion image
  1. Exported files will be saved in Export on the Home Screen
To get the best view on the mobile phone, only the first 1000 rows are used to generate chart.
The file name is created before you press the Download icon and cannot change later. If you forget, you have to generate chart again.