How to create a chart in Smart CSV Viewer?

How to create a chart in Smart CSV Viewer?

Do you need a chart created from CSV data for work or study? Smart CSV will make it so easy and rapidly even if you are in a hurry by just a few steps as below:
  1. Tap on theĀ Custom selectionĀ icon (the second one from the left) in the bottom navigation.
  1. On theĀ Custom selectionĀ dialog, select the range of rows you want to export by inputtingĀ FromĀ andĀ To. In case of exporting all data, tap onĀ SELECT ALL.
  1. ChooseĀ SELECT, selected rows will be highlighted.
  1. Tap onĀ Generate chartĀ icon (the second one from the right) in the top navigation.
  1. On theĀ Generate chartĀ dialog, add your chart title, choose the type of your chart by clicking any chart to see how your data will look, and choose the label and series that is shown in the chart.
**There are total of 11 chart types: column, bar, line, dashed line, area, spline, dashed spline, scatter, step line, dashed step line, and step area.
  1. Share exported files with friends or save them on your device. Created files are also located inĀ Exported FilesĀ on Home Screen. Tap on it to see.
Hope you are more productive with Smart CSV Viewer!
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