[Part 1] Experience with best ways to increase work productivity

[Part 1] Experience with best ways to increase work productivity

Published March 3, 2022
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During a long working day, you have to deal with so many tasks, ending and output them. If you work without tools such as time management, prioritizing tasks follow importance and urgency,etc.. you can not get the best efficiency and productivity.
Of course, without them, you also finish tasks. Once you use it, make your workflow smoothly, you can see changes clearly.
From my experience as a user who always find best ways to increase productivity, I want to share with you best strategies that I have learned and adapted. Because it is really helpful so I have to write down immediately, I hope that can be adapted to your working style.
There are many strategies I know and in the future, the number will not stop increase. So in each article, I only mention one strategy. In this article, let me share to you about Pomodoro Technique.
Pomodoro Technique is a time management method. Pomodoro, from the Italian word, means interval. Work time is divided into intervals. Typically style is 25 minutes working, about 5 minutes break taking, after 4 intervals, take a longer break about 20 minutes. With only 25 minutes, you have to race with time, stay on task without distractions. Also, the breaks give your brain time to rest and recharge, before restarting work.
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I am not the type of person who likes to sit long hours in front of computer. I like moving, stand up, go around my tiny room many times a day. Sometimes give my husband a hug because we work together in one room, sometimes view sight from the window, sometimes take a sort light strech, etc. Therefore, I really like this method. Additionally, I can concentrate completely in 25 minutes without distraction.
For people who have the same lifestyle with me, I really recommend Pomodoro Technique. Try it and don’t forget to share your experience by commenting below or if you prefer private, feel free to email me: imuosdev@gmail.com.